Rejuvenate Finance

Making DeFi a safer place!

Our goal is to make investments into low-cap DeFi projects more accessible and secure.


One of the main issues with the current state of crypto is the insane number of malicious actors. We’re here to help investors who have suffered and prevent future suffering. I’ve always been affected by the numerous investors who fall victim to rug pulls and other scams. Rejuvenate is affording me the opportunity to bring a caring attitude back into the crypto space.

Sarp C. | CEO at RejuvenateFinance

On a mission to make DeFi safer!

RejuvenateFinance is a philanthropic crypto project initially formed to support the Luna community after the collapse of UST. We quickly realized that the entire crypto space could benefit from our project. “We must take care of our own” became our motto. To do this we began to build out additional services to go beyond targeting one community and benefit the entire DeFi space. Our mission is to create a safety net for crypto by providing a single point of access to multiple trusted services throughout all of DeFi.

In order to accomplish our mission, we have built an infrastructure which integrates existing DeFi products and strategies in a seamless and cost-efficient way. All of the provider and service fees generated through these offerings will be channeled right back to $RJV holders, the majority of which have suffered from hacks, rug pulls, and/or scams. Staking $RJV will allow the users to participate via voting in shaping Rejuvenate’s future. A project for the people by the people.

This project will prove that kindness and support is more important than monetary gain. It will be a impactful reminder that integrity and peace of mind are worth more than any material possessions. RejuvenateFinance will help bring a caring attitude back into the crypto space.

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